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DAY Events, founded in 2011, gives service with its board of idealist professional directors, peculiar style and continuously rising quality. DAY Events has adopted it as a principle to create the excellent one with passion and to be the architectures of notable organizations beyond expectations.

DAY Events provides service within a wide range including domestic and international accommodation, transfer services, dealers and motivation meetings, product launches, organizational services, gala and entertainment organizations, etc. Moreover, with its first sub-brand founded in 2012 Big DAY Planners wedding departments DAY Events have also established a successful presence within this field by holding spectacular and outstanding organizations and later on, with its other sub-brands, DAY Vip Transfer & Blue Phoenix Travel, DAY Events sign under many successes…

And with DAY for Health, we are aiming to introduce top notch health  services to our valuable guests.

DAY for Health founded in 2013 to serve the guests who wants to merge their medical treatment into tour program. As DAY for Health we only work with top hospitals and the best professional doctors. Aesthetic and Eye Surgeries, Cosmetic Dentistry and In Vitro Fertilization are the top categories that we help our guests.

In all processes, we will be there with our guests to provide the best services. Welcoming our guests, visiting them in their hospital before and after operations, depending on their program leading them to their next destination, DAY for Health is always provides exclusive service with frequent personal contacts. If you wish to experience our exclusive services, please contact us.