What is the crash diet?

Crash diet

Quick weight loss?

There are millions of people who would like to lose weight but unfortunately these individuals want instant results. So they turn to unconventional diets or diet plans. Over the years several diet plans have been developed to help people lose weight fast. One of these diet plans is called the crash diet. However, it is important to note that the crash diet is not just one plan but a whole variety of diets which all have one thing in common; they encourage the consumption of liquids and juices (and NO solids) for a 2-10 days so that you can rapidly lose weight.

The crash diet principle has its origin from Hollywood where celebs frequently try and lose weight fast for a variety of reasons. The crash diet has two key features- a very low calorie intake and rapid weight loss within 3-10 days, depending on the plan you select. Many people go on a crash diet when they want to lose weight especially if there is an important event like a wedding, anniversary, birthday, job interview and so on.

Not a long-term plan

It is important to remember that the crash diet is only a short-term deal- it is not meant for long-term weight loss, as the diet is not sustainable. During the crash diet you eat only 700-1,000 calories a day. To simplify: this means you drink tea in the morning, have one slice of toast with butter but no jam; have some juice and a few slices of crackers with cheese for lunch. For supper, more juice or soup with a few crackers. A healthy adult requires at least 1,800-2,000 calories a day and in the crash diet you barely get half that.

Since your body does not get energy from the food, it starts to burn your fat stores rapidly. And if you stay on this diet for more than 3-5 days you will definitely notice a marked reduction in your body weight. However, this type of diet is not sustainable for more than 5-10 days because your body simply does not get enough calories or the essential nutrients. Many people also become severely dehydrated if they persist with such a diet. Because the diet is so low in calories most people feel fatigued and tired. Performing any type of exercise is out of the question.

The types of food that you can consume in a crash diet are usually liquids like fruit juices and soup. You can eat the odd cracker and slice of bread but that about does it. You can’t eat oily foods, no processed or fast foods and definitely no sugary foods.

Many celebs who go on a crash diet, which is entirely liquid in nature, claim that besides losing weight the diet also cleanses the intestine and gets rids of all the toxins and impurities that have accumulated.

A few examples

Examples of crash diets include the cabbage soup or chicken soup diet, which can help you lose 10 pounds in 4-7 days. The diet includes eating cabbage/chicken soup plus vegetables and fruits. Other crash diets along the same lines include the grapefruit diet that is supposed to burn off all your fat. Other similar crash diets include taking a variety of herbs, laxatives, and enemas to help flush the colon and get rid of toxins.

So if you have to attend a wedding in a week, then a crash diet may help you get rid of a few pounds within a week. If you plan to go on a crash diet, make sure you tell someone so that help is available if something happens. For those who have medical illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gout etc, it is important to speak to your healthcare provider before you go on this diet.

Irrespective of the crash diet you select, it is important to remember that the crash diet is not for long-term use. It only helps you lose a few pound very quickly so you can fit into your underpants, skirt, or jeans. If you persist with these crash diets for more than a month, then chances are you will end up in the emergency room suffering from dehydration and shock. And if you think the crash diet was a real hassle, wait till you get the hospital bill to treat your dehydration- it will cause rapid weight loss without the use of any liquids, herbs, lotions or potions.

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